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Come along and try something - you don't need to be there for the first session in a series!

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Holmfirth Tech Needs You!

We need to raise money immediately to continue running activities, employ a centre manager and carry out essential improvements. You can donate online now to fund our immediate operating costs and contribute towards the purchase of the building following charity commission approvals expected in 2019.

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What is a Community Benefit Society?

A Community benefit Society (CBS) is a legal entity owned by its members and operated for the benefit of the wider community. Members purchase shares in the Society to fund its start-up costs and liability is limited to the value of their shares. The CBS can pay members interest on their shares. Members elect Directors to the Board for the management of the society and each member has one vote at member meetings regardless of their shareholding. Annual General Meetings are held to enable members to hold the board to account and to hear about the performance of the society.

Community Benefit Societies are governed by rules which are approved and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Holmfirth Tech Limited has been established as a charitable CBS with the intent to own and operate the building for the benefit of the local community. It was incorporated and registered with the FCA on 27/03/2018, registration number 7739. The Rules for The Tech are available here.

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Holmfirth Tech Limited

Huddersfield Road

Holmfirth HD9 3AR

Telephone: 01484 686305

Email: centre.manager@holmfirthtech.co.uk

Holmfirth Tech Limited, A Community Benefit Society incorporated under the Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), registration number 7739

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